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Planning Set

 Price: $75.00

Construction Plan Sets

 Price: $2,495.00


2,310 square foot platform
2 bedroom, 2 bath
1,290 sf interior
1,020 sf decking
480 sf loft

Two bedroom with a large living room? Three bedroom with an expandable entry? One bedroom with a study and cavernous great room? The choice is yours with the adaptable E`a (Hawaiian for Hawksbill turtle) floor plan which, of course, includes the totally-surrounding deck of all of our designs. Even the most humble lifestyle expands beyond the comfort zone into the extraordinary. Celebrate living on the edge! Celebrate your personal E`a design.

Plan Options

  • Double Pitched "Hawaiian" Roof
  • Roof Ridge Vent
  • Loft Bedrooms
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Built-in Deck Seating
  • Operable Skylights
  • Solar Energy

Pole House Kits of all of our Designs are Now Available to Order.


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Floor Plan


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